Mirai Mademo

call me Sasha/Yuki, if you want.
currently likes harvest moon, rune factory, kagerou project and pokemon (but not quiet like it).

my blog usually post/reblog about harvest moon/rune factory, right now. XD

Read Pandora Voxx wikia, and… I found out that Riku-kun met a girl named “Ai”. She is the girl in Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story, right?

And, Ai looked like IA! And When you write “Ai” in backward will be “IA”

Why I just realized this?! \(˚☐˚”)/


Messing with a new coloring style

Mekakucity Actors has aired yesterday! It was really good! :D Even I don’t understand where is Shintaro and Ayano in the beginning of the episode.

They also added Seto when it supposed to be Kano only.

And… I was right! XD I guessed that the opening will be sung by her!! Yay!! XD

Also, Ene is so cute. I can’t stand her cuteness… X3 SHE’S TOO CUTE!!!!


Let’s pretend that they’re not too old for high school


I think Minori’s design is my fav so far

She’s so cute ; v ;


I love this dork > ◇ <// defends from haters