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call me Sasha/Yuki, if you want.
currently likes harvest moon, rune factory, kagerou project, pokemon and utaite! (Especially Amatsuki~ X3)

my blog usually post/reblog about harvest moon, rune factory, utaites, etc. right now. XD

I mix songs, too. So sometimes i post my mixing works.

Song Translation: Hello, My Story//Amatsuki あまつきー天月


Song: Hello, My Story by Amatsuki from his single that “Hello, World!” which will be released on 7/16

Lyrics & Music & Arrange:イトヲカシ

EDIT: The official lyrics are out! I’ve edited some of the kanji that were wrong alongside with the translations, it’s a lot more coherent now! Please take a look at it! Kanji, romaji and english translation under read more! 

Enjoy! ^^

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Some gifs from when I was testing emofuri

I played Rune Factory 4 this past weeks. I finished the 2nd arc and i’m waiting for the next arc, now.

Yesterday, i got Doug’s Reverse Proposal Event. But, i rejected him. Since i want to have Ventuswill back first. (But, rejecting him making me feel bad. Oh well… XD)

I also dating Kiel in my game. So maybe, i got a chance to see his event too?

When i went to the Obsidian Mansion for the first time. I got shocked to see the ghosts and quickly gave the 3DS to my sister to continue play it for me. (My sister did the ‘A Performance Without An Audience’ event too for me. Since i was scared. Haha… XD). So, until now, i went to the Obsidian Mansion from the back door. I went there just to rematch Marionetta and i never went to the other place in that Mansion again after i got Dolce. XDD

Defeating Thunderbolt was really hard too. He attacked really fast!


By the way, Mekakucity Actors’ last episode left so many mysteries. Like, where is Hiyori and where did Shintaro went these whole time. Maybe, some newer fans need to read their manga or novel first to understands it. Even me, who has been KagePro fans before the anime came out still didn’t understands the story in the anime at all.

But the anime tells each characters past really well! Especially Ayano’s past. It’s really clear now!

The most confusing past is Shintaro’s. I don’t why, but i never get it XD


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ bg’s



it’s illegal to be that cute

stOP =A=

Music: Nekomushi-P
UST: crystalclear

Other then gaming, i do mixing~ XD And VOCALOID & UTAU tuning!

…So many news about games which will be coming this year… o_o


An employee of XSeed Games posted pictures of their booths. I retweeted one of their SoS booth:


…You can see Mistel in the picture, but I can’t read what his English name is. Dx


EDIT: Looks like it’s Michael. (I thought it looked like too many letters for “Mistel.”) Thank you, centen! Hope we’ll hear soon about any other name changes…