Mirai Mademo

call me Sasha/Yuki, if you want.
currently likes harvest moon, rune factory, kagerou project and pokemon (but not quiet like it).

my blog usually post/reblog about harvest moon/rune factory, right now. XD


Messing with a new coloring style

Mekakucity Actors has aired yesterday! It was really good! :D Even I don’t understand where is Shintaro and Ayano in the beginning of the episode.

They also added Seto when it supposed to be Kano only.

And… I was right! XD I guessed that the opening will be sung by her!! Yay!! XD

Also, Ene is so cute. I can’t stand her cuteness… X3 SHE’S TOO CUTE!!!!


Let’s pretend that they’re not too old for high school


I think Minori’s design is my fav so far

She’s so cute ; v ;


I love this dork > ◇ <// defends from haters