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call me Yuki, if you want.
currently likes harvest moon, rune factory, kagerou project, pokemon and utaite! (Especially Amatsuki~ X3)

my blog usually post/reblog about harvest moon, rune factory, utaites, etc. right now. XD

I mix songs, too. So sometimes i post my mixing works.

Music: Last Note.
UST: Adry Eli
Mix: Hatsuyuki
Vocals: IA & Kagamine Len (as the harmonies and the talking thing)

I’m back~
I lowered the octave for the part where Kyoma was talking in the PV XD And I used Len’s voice because he and Kyoma are BLONDE//SHOT


i felt like drawing some oc’s eheh

WHOAAA!! This cool!! Love the guy! X3

Send me an utaite’s name and I’ll tell you…

  • How I found out about them
  • First cover I listened to
  • Favourite cover
  • What song they should cover and why
  • Who I think they should collab with
  • Why I like them
  • A funny/cute/interesting story about them

Aaaaah!! I missed so many news!!!


here our beloved bachelors !

Frizt , Rod,And Doug!

for everyone  who loves them!



Moencabbage drew a super cute fritz in a super cute outfit and I wanted to draw it ;u; my inner fangirl is shameless forgive me

aaah the miracle a fashionable Fritz is



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Song Translation: Hello, My Story//Amatsuki あまつきー天月


Song: Hello, My Story by Amatsuki from his single that “Hello, World!” which will be released on 7/16

Lyrics & Music & Arrange:イトヲカシ

EDIT: The official lyrics are out! I’ve edited some of the kanji that were wrong alongside with the translations, it’s a lot more coherent now! Please take a look at it! Kanji, romaji and english translation under read more! 

Enjoy! ^^

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Some gifs from when I was testing emofuri